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 New stillborn demolition regulations

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New stillborn demolition regulations Empty
PostSubject: New stillborn demolition regulations   New stillborn demolition regulations Icon_minitimeSat Sep 06, 2014 5:40 am

New stillborn demolition regulations may be overdone, but look from all kinds of information on news, the desirable new rules are in super difficult position, at least for now to see its due date. fake versace belt And all kinds of violent demolition events still filled with people's attention. The latest news is that the mechanics of Cheap Versace Belts academy of sciences has a test base in huairou, Beijing bulldozing, preliminary statistics direct loss of state-owned assets is as high as 1700 ten thousand yuan, a large number of precious relics were destroyed science, a group of national important scientific research task is forced to halt. Cas scientists are very gentleman, not Molotov cocktails against forklift, can only be issued in the form of a statement on the Internet lament: summer is like winter, day such as at the dead of night! New demolition regulations or dead on this news was enough to make Cheap Versace Belts people feel the freezing winter chill in the summer. If the bad news what's positive, it is to tell some of local governments keen to demolition, ne replica versace belt w regulations in sight, don't try so hard, the forced demolition can do it slowly, it is less than the last crazy time. Thus, advancing speed and strength of the forklift truck may tend to be more tender in the short term, but the civil rights will inevitably fall into a prolonged winter and at the dead of night. Cannot appear in the news, said the new rules due to the lobbying related interest groups. Who is refers to the relevant interest groups, why are they against the law, is well known, there is no necessary to continue to discuss. It is worth asking why a relevant interest groups, a matter of each citizen's private property can be protected legislative action was delayed indefinitely. Legislation is a process of interest game parties, countries around the world, etc, therefore, new regulations meet related interests of block is understandable. The problem is that our legislative process is not equal game, a lot of time in the modification of the demolition regulations, for example, although the social from all walks of life (or modify) demands abolished the old method to fix, but that could decide the legislative process, only some powerful interest groups, especially the vested interests. That is to say, the mainstream public opinion against the related interest groups to lobby, you can 'criticisms on the Internet, written critical essays in the press, but your voice in the legislative process. Early draft of the let people see the hope of new regulations, but the following indications that change is not easy. The new draft regulations have what opinion, either support or oppose, never publicly; Relevant legislative process, seldom hear the voice of authority, only from close to the state council legislative affairs office of the people and know the situation of legal scholars there spread gossip, to the new regulations strong public speculation from the clues, reference purpose only. Still no schedule does not mean that the new rules have a miscarriage, this let us see the new rules a chance. Game should be open, transparent, broad participation, equality is the way of legislation, the modern country under the rule of law to achieve substantive justice first depends on the procedural fairness and justice. The motion of versace belt replica modified demolition regulations nail house fire incidents, it is said that began in chengdu today, violent demolition cause murder case is still in an endless stream, the evil and correction shows that the demolition act is far more than was abolished in 2003 the city method for internment and repatriation for vagrants and beggars. Rather than allowing people to follow the inhabitants of Pandora, with Molotov cocktails, spray gun, towers and other indigenous method against government forklift, that often cause both, is inferior to benefit all parti cheap versace belt es to discuss out a relatively fair rules of the game, let everybody calmly, return to the negotiating table, this just like a civilized society, also conforms to the long-term interests of relevant interest groups. At 9 PM on July 7, wen was executed.
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New stillborn demolition regulations
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