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PostSubject: When she was When she was Icon_minitimeWed Aug 27, 2014 4:57 am Democracy is not simply the minority is subordinate to the majority, a democratic government will protect the interests of the minority, if your interest is proper and lawful. The lost count of how many years did not go home for the Spring Festival. Year by year, I always call home said: this year the Spring Festival unit arranged on duty again, really don't come back. More often, actually I am on the way home have a deep fear. Long, long ago, some are just going to work, I endured the bone-chilling winds waited in line for a night at the train station, the second day morning when I first will be frozen hand in the ticket window, only to be told that the ticket has been sold out that day. That year the Spring Festival on the way home, with a pitch I squeezed in two train car junction, like a lifeless zombies, flat stand for more than 30 hours. The annual Spring Festival is the world's largest migration, in the face of surging crowds, I'm a will only choose to escape a coward. , 19, a junior school of foreign languages of anhui normal university students calm is brave, and she with less than 50 kilograms of thin body, inclusion in a tidal wave of people, hard towards the bearing the hope of going home near the platform. When she was almost success, the tragedy - she was pushed down from the platform, by a high-speed train before he could stop the on the spot. What did I do? And the people to the front, huddled together push her to a cold steel rail. On the platform no one is innocent, we are the murderers or survivor? Netizens shows huge said. He is calm, he was also on the platform of the station in wuhu, is also preparing to catch 5082 train home. Young people can have such re-consider and remorse is very rare. Calm, however, by no means is the death of the pipi vastly wrong, in a chaotic state, civilized men will be brutal. Traffic problem, a serious shortage of railway capacity, the rain and snow weather make excessive to concentrate in railway passenger -- we can find many objective reasons for travel in the crowded. Than the macro factors, we can't ignore some micro facts -- cool off the platform of that a moment, wuhu railway station without a worker on the platform of insane people to bear; Wuhu railway departments to stand to sell 5082 tickets of quantitative for 40 can sold the wuhu station of the train ticket is a total of 484 copies. Crowded Spring Festival also made a gray industry, prosperity of the scalpers.
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