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 Recorded the last

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PostSubject: Recorded the last   Recorded the last Icon_minitimeWed Aug 27, 2014 4:51 am

Drink the wine department officer allegedly, ancient yu DE brewing wine, immediately realized wine for the huge temptation to rule of the country, not only from now on, drinking and made later generations to wine will die feeling emigre predictions. Cheap Versace Sunglasses

Recorded the last monarch of xia and shang dynasties zhou jie, all good beverages, which verifies the dayu to. The zhou dynasty had promulgated the wine letters patent in the world, provisions shall be put to death all congregated drinkers, is about our country the first prohibition decree has the force of law. Later dynasties were officials from the institutional limits on drinking, qing craghack is the truth: former residence officer who will can not drinking, drinkers will not can the officer. From the results, since last January 4, originated in xinyang, henan province, and then in less than a year of prohibition in most cities in henan province.

In xinyang to, for example, prohibition only half a year, the government reception drinks a alone cost saving 43 million yuan, the civil service efficiency improved obviously, and was satisfied with the government, most of the people also applauded. Look from the policy of prohibition and execution process, and is considered questionable. Henan KangYinZhong lawyer said: civil servant law does not expressly civil servants cannot drink at noon, for individual cadres drinking affect work, according to the civil servant law dealt with according to law, but not beyond the law, government documents instead of law.

In today's cheap versace belt vigorously promote administration according to law, this is indeed a could not avoid problems. In addition, xinyang prohibition steering group from time to time with the alcohol tester for working civil servants m fake versace belt ake raids, the taste of a little terror, even during work time, cheap louis vuitton belts we also don't want to moment in the monitored. The people cannot tolerate the taxpayer a shekel drinks to become civil servants, the government will not tolerate officials of drink the broth, so we can conclude that the effect of prohibition is what we would like to see, and this effect is the process of flawed. Is there a better way to, in line with the modern rule of law spirit? We should establish this system: let civil servants every penny spend taxpayer under the strict monitoring of the public, civil servants every even tiny dereliction of duty by proper accountability.

As to tinker with prohibition, I thought the effect is not necessarily good, hard to avoid exhaustive. Such as what is because of work need to drink a lot of time is a funny thing, what is a drunken appearance is unable to measure precisely. Just as expected, the unit in kunming city and village roads to urban public road plan (hereinafter referred to as SiGai male) at first glance, namely by civil dispute, the first ideas such as the UK community residents but also showed a strong resistance. If I will go to the wall road was opened to traffic, not lead to step down is that I was caught. This is a citizens online. In the property law has come into force today, appear this kind of situation is normal. Village road SiGai male, means that the road is my originally, now become public, way is about to change. For the right holder, this is a big thing. replica versace belt

From the founding of new cheap versace belt to for a long time before reform and opening up, people are living in an environment of selfless, farmers is a member of the people's commune, the GongGuRen urbanites are units, in addition to a small amount of daily living items necessary for life, everything else is public - lived in a public room, to eat the food of the public distribution is, in a public work clothes, even the furniture are public.
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Recorded the last
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