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It may be produced in two cases: one is direct with similar powder medicine is expected to make some kind of medicine, this medicine had the effect of gunpowder, thus invented gunpowder; 2 it is indirectly in a similar powder has some kind of medicine, medicine material change this medicine had the effect of gunpowder accident, so the invention of gunpowder.
Record for the first time the formula of gunpowder is an alchemist and pharmacologist sun simiao in initial stage of the tang dynasty. He wrote a Dan study, about method of v burning sulfur in the book, he put two two sulfur and saltpeter, grind into powder, into the earth, dug a hole, put the pot in a pit, make the overhead and the ground, and then around the pot filled out of the clay. Put three honeylocust red into charcoal burning, one by one into the pot, accidentally will burst into flames. It shows that sun simiao had mastered the saltpeter, sulfur and charcoal together the knowledge of the fire. By the end of the tang dynasty, is a book, an call true yuan funny way slightly.
The book when it comes to niter down the fire happens sometimes fireworks. Also written in the book at the same time, put the sulfur, realgar, saltpeter together, airtight heating, take fire to his face and houses. Obviously, this is the original powder. On the other hand, emperor xianzong and three years (AD 808), qing xu son in the lead, mercury let-out riches integration, and mentioned v fire vitriol method. When using the medicine material is sulfur, two two saltpetre, aristolochia three and a half of money.
Engagements before medicine material and sun simiao v sulfur method used in medicine materials are the same, the last one is plant, the three medicines together the composition of gunpowder. But because of the sulfur and saltpeter is a natural, and the carbon dioxide produced by aristolochic is too weak, so can't explode.
To sum up, the author thinks that, in the tang dynasty has actually invented gunpowder, because they already know the sulfur and saltpeter mixing flame can happen, mix saltpeter and charcoal can also produce similar to the role of gunpowder.
Larger explosive force, though failed to happen because enough medicine not pure and several kinds of medicine material standards. In addition, there is also a fact that can prove that: according to the History As A Mirror volume two hundred and fifty-one, initially made of gunpowder weapons called rocket, salty tang dynasty nine years in October, pet attack suzhou, schoenberg uprising in a windy day, with the rockets shot outside the hut, extending to officer barracks, killed many people.
It certainly is not the same, but have a the answer is yes, that is must have guo. Speaking of Designer Belts, because the Spring Festival gala is a place where many famous actors, if not on the Spring Festival gala, is at best a place actor, and he will not be fully embody the value of play, such as Shanghai zhou, it is just a local actors.
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