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PostSubject: replica mulberry handbags uk the author   replica mulberry handbags uk the author Icon_minitimeThu Oct 22, 2015 4:57 am

Doubt 2: if the net friend really see is Marine went to Japan with a beauty, and its behavior is beyond the ordinary friends, but not seen pictures of its beauty and their sex scenes. Now, our hands have mobile phones, go out generally also with a camera, if the net friend to see such a scene, and the net friend also seems to care about Marine events, why not take this camera? So far, we don't know to have such a beauty is the lover of ma Lin, just legend, and they all say the beauty of appearance, so, the author thinks that, ma Lin whether there is a small three, it needs time to confirm. Doubtful point three: neither they related photos, more not to say the name of the little three. If is Ma Linzhen and small three go to Japan, must have their name on the boarding pass, if we really concerned mining such spice, through a certain relationship, consulting airlines could not play out the name of the little three, even the id number can be found. And the net friend, I still did not say what, is a story out of thin air. Suspects four:
since this netizen sole spice has so many suspects, could we presumably hundreds boss revealed. A reporter interviewed hundreds, specifically for this piece, does not have any evidence that Ma Linyou small three, and hundreds in the absence of evidence, may be either to a so-called exclusive spice, in order to attract the attention of the media, to under the media hype, in a court of law in his favor, because the media about the legal phenomenon in today, besides, lies again, into the truth. So the author thinks that, the net friend's exclusive exposed its authenticity worth investigating, the author hopes that some netizens exposed, to be based on facts, otherwise, will make a joke. Ma Lin really have small three need time to confirm, let's wait and see.
Thank sina home page recommended in recent years, this article have exposed male star to marry rich woman message, such as Andy lau's wife is Malaysian billionaire's daughter, and a male star chow yun-fat, man wen jun, ray lui, even in those days played late of tang's monk in journey to the west heavy did not he who sees through the world of mortals, married a rich wife. View, not only is the female star to marry giants, male star to marry rich girl has become a fashion and trend. Why male star is keen to marry a rich girl, but also willing to marry rich girl male star?
The author thinks that to analysis from two aspects, male star agreed to marry a rich girl rich girl need to just go, to marry marry a rich male star also need male star agreed to start with rich girl willing to marry male star speak of it, replica mulberry handbags uk the author thinks that there are five reasons. Is a rich girl good fantasy, obsessed with male star. Young women are dream, as the saying goes, which girl don't be in love, rich girl like other girls since I was a child, like all kinds of stars, like rich girl love actors in the past, think they grow handsome, and rich emotion, particularly obsessed with th mulberry alexa replica eir song or the plot of the play, but also fascinated by their feelings, think in real life, they need this man do their partner. The second is rich girl have a plenty of time to make track for a star.
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replica mulberry handbags uk the author
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