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Especially in the case of shijiazhuang the customer directly to the U shield to replace, strange and bad character. In the traditional sense, especially large state-owned Banks with national the backer and credit endorsement, referred to as the safest bank, and long-term reputation as SanTie: iron, iron, iron abacus. Now, why the SanTie into three pieces of tofu? Is another phenomenon, including regulators, the big Banks are now accused of Internet financial including network security problem of the third-party payment mechanism, as a matter of fact, including major Banks, why the customer money safe more worrying? Customer deposit in the bank over the years gone, loss events occur, the happened since last year the most densely populated. Last year, the Fake Gucci Belt banking regulatory commission (CBRC) said it once, attaches great importance to the customer deposits loss problem, and decided to implement the system of security and personnel bank regulation. Thought is nothing so far, in the event of lost and recent deposit began to intensive eruption. The reason is the conjunction of the external environment, internal microclimate. From the external environment, the folk high-interest LanCun rampant illegal, high interest financing, and is quick collapse due to capital chain rupture. Directly on the ghost is running the high interest rate in the bank for bait platform to absorb money through the bank counter to return payment risk. Customer deposits lost most of the cases are formed by internal and external collusion commit crime. Move the client money to bank profits into the enterprises and other civil high-interest absorb funds. Wait until prior to the maturity of deposits, the funds will return to a bank account, pay to the customer. Ghost in the bank can go, my love to the part of the profit from it. Now the problem is that because of the high interest rate LanCun enterprise capital chain rupture, not to return money to bank account, so the client is unable to pay deposit matures, customer capital account will become empty account. This is the high-yield capital chain in society a large number of fracture detonate. Look from the internal reason, the bank staff decision-makingprocesses depositors greed high-interest heart arteries and veins, the strongest brand credibility, to the high interest in bank money as bait to attract customers. At the same time, the ghost in personally to the customer account formalities, net silver U shield, such as, the ghost under the kind of customer bidding, and follow the operation ideas of ghost in the bank. Finally put their own money to let the bank operations such as power out door snatched away. This is exposed serious vulnerabilities of bank internal management.
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