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So, I came to the hotel again, came to the Lin Jie room, she saw me, very  happy, then do you  want me to help her pack up and go to her city straightaway. In this way, I came  to her city, along with the Lin Jie and I became her discharge to tools, she  want me to, sometimes during the day, in the sitting room, should also be on the  balcony, in the sofa also want to... I feel more and more, I and her increasing  the amount of viagra for me, in the first of June, I feel I insist on not bottom  go to, she also felt that I can't obviously, some not happy.
Finally, in the past six months, Lin Jie very frank in my card and 1 million  yuan, and bought me several sets of clothes and shoes, and bought me a cell  phone of tens of thousands of yuan, when he left, she happily said to me: hui  hui, your body is the best, and you're the first one has been satisfy my lad,  some young man had not been a month, I am very happy, forget me. This car is for  you. How, happy. When I drove the car appeared in front of my wife, I see wife  is a big belly, she was stunned! More don't believe this is a fact, also said to  thank Lin Ji e  face to face. Buy Gucci Belt I dare not tell her the truth, my heart was  dripping blood. I took with the body for money bought a set of high-grade houses  in the city, when I took my wife came to a new home, I saw the wife all excited  tears out, crazy with me.
I have not the slightest happy, because I found that my body is more and more  not line, from the back, then I and wife is not a one-time life, after two  months, our son came into this world. Later, I use the rest of the money to buy  a facade, as a result of our intelligence, integrity, and thrift and grasp of  the market, our business is getting better and better, we finally became a rich  city gens, Buy Gucci Belt I always have a heart, is that we never have sex, I  absolutely exhausted. Because his wife is busy with the children, Buy Gucci Belt  also the rbi appearance, at that time did not expect this, Buy Gucci Belt I know  that his wife is sometimes need, Buy Gucci Belt I can't satisfy her, I have to  rely on viagra, Buy Gucci Belt sex is not ideal, and virtually no success. I  don't know what will be like this, we end. I'm worried about, Buy Gucci Belt I  dare not tell my wife I this experience. I heard hui hui, I am speechless, I  don't know how to persuade him, I only said a words: you all for the family, not  guilty, your disease may be psychological effect, will be  better.
 Forget the past, do not struggle in the past! Last night, because of the  earthquake again, frighten my wife and children a night without sleep, today,  look at the earthquake should be in the past, busy go home to sleep, sleep well  represented, suddenly heard someone knocking at the door, opened the door a look  at my sleep awake, I can't believe that is I learn at school of the university  female students, hands holding her child (getting), I see her yellowish skin,  eyes red and swollen, as sick. I feel a little inconceivable, in those days, so  have the beauty of our school, I also and she talked about a relationship with a  bang, Buy Gucci Belt graduation that year, to be my friend tao zi fan.
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