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An exactly for the sake of what? All the officers should answer this question today. Because in your heart, what is an ideal first, or interests first, it depends on your attitude towards life and as. It is obvious that the ideal has looked very pale, in the interests of the first, under the command of the rich, enjoyment, playing politics, has become the norm in some officials. In corrupt officials work or life, therefore, of course, there is only money, woman, house, seat, in addition to these, can also find what? Why not ideal? On the one hand, those who have no ideal, to sneak into the officialdom in the form of speculation or bad; On the other hand under the spell of the power, some officials have been captured by power, slide to the edge of the corruption. Obviously, in some parts of the bureaucracy, have been a vulgar, money, hedonism, is the existence of some officials have no ideal, and to breed a not ideal of officials, it certainly can't ignore. How to reconstruct the political ecology and cultivate a batch of real have ideal, have the ability, moral official team, on the one hand, need to remove the tiger and the fly; On the other hand must construct the power structure of the standardization and legalization, the QuanLiGuan cage in the system;
There is another dimension is from the discipline or institutional level, break the officials of some of the unwritten rules of imagination. Such as promoting to a higher position, playing a woman is a kind of ability, and so on. Foster an environment of fresh air wind is.
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Recently, walls demolished, grating has removed Li County yard on the county authorities, several garden workers are new plant greening seedlings. Nearly period of time, the county has more than 20 agatanoatae yard and the county organs compound, split open around the green to the citizen, provide free parking garages, to dismantle the fence 2000 meters, increase the green area of more than 10 square meters, the activity venue close to 30, open street parking yard in 64.
(changde daily on May 12, 2015) in order to solve the residents' demand for green living, parking garages, the county, county government launched the open green, free parking the two popular project, each opening on the courtyard unit is equipped with a specialized management personnel, set up the car parking registration ledger timely, and have designated parking garages, let residents to park free of charge. Compound in the minds of ordinary people, the government tend to be high wall and a deep courtyard, also with some mystery. Is not only a rare, rare car park. Nowadays, the domestic many cities have built cement gobi, forest, city as well as the popularization of cars, urban road congestion more and more, the parking lot is also increasingly strained, car trouble inevitably faced with the parking problem.
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