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Is now the high house prices is good for the people, the housing market development today, people in fact have been kidnapped, but a return to normal, don't let people life-long struggle for the house again, even if the disadvantages of the moment, can? Besides, for since only homes of ordinary people and don't have a house, and talk about how bad not bad? In fact, even if the local government again, I'm afraid I won't save the ailing housing market. Instead, on the one hand, the local government emergency, monkey gave the market a extremely poor judgment, that is the future prices are expec ted to do not look good, the bottom of the drain the place actually, shows that local government financing is quite weak, troubled local financing platform.
Again is the central attitude is quite clear on the one hand, let the market to market, especially not stimulus policy, this is a strong signal, even if the local government is too big. Don't use any so-called economics point of view to safeguard the interests of the vested interests, don't scare people, with real estate GDP threaten social, diving, although some pain, but in the end will be for the entire housing health and peace, is unable to avoid, it would be more walk more far, then they will die out even worse. To increase the support of the political bureau of the central entity economy housing what signal? Xinhuanet Beijing on April 25 of the political bureau of the Gucci Belt central committee held a meeting on April 25, the current economic situation and economic work.
Xi jinping, also general secretary of the Gucci Belt central committee, chaired the meeting.
Conference, to enhance the support to the real economy, strengthen the economic development, improve the floor price and for wheat, rice, corn, rapeseed reserve policy, accelerate the issued from the central transfer payment funds , reasonably adjust the level of liquidity, for small micro enterprises, agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and social areas such as the support. Meeting to further reduce the decentralization and fiscal and taxation, finance, prices, reform of management system and so on has carried on the deployment of science and technology, speed up the adjustment and optimizing economic structure, promote quality, and the efficiency upgrading, strengthening employment social security and other key work of the people's livelihood, perfect to promote entrepreneurial university graduates employment policies, promote the urban and rural residents a serious illness insurance and pilot reform of public hospitals at the county level, for promoting information, travel, sports, pensions, health services, and the development of vocational education, and other fields a number of policy, enlarges the residents' consumption.
This is the central further transformation of ideas for ways to promote economic growth, promoting the reform highlights, the structure, livelihood basic train of thought, especially very clearly put forward to enhance the support to the real economy, and embody the every step of the work deployment. 's meaning is that the studies in the economy, and made no mention of the real estate problems, made no mention of the property market regulation, seem to be indifferent about the current housing crisis. And unlike in previous years the real estate as consumption field.
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