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Since the central eight, the four winds and shown for fly action grows, the  mass line is extensively developed, and the education practice for the party  member cadre has had a profound effect, on the one hand, the party member  cadre's self-discipline consciousness distinct enhancement, and largely changed  the cadre's style of work; But can not be ignored, on the other hand, are some  party members and cadres become more negative, there have been some slack  phenomenon, lazy, director-general of enthusiasm disappears, interest in play,  had forgotten, had forgotten to think, had forgotten awake, had forgotten the  pursuit.
Early before long, it has much command had criticized the party member cadre  WanFeng fill, style of study as WanFeng and so on. Higher party has put forward  the ruling party's four big risk, including mental slack, and risk of  incompetence. This is all for the current some excessive WanFeng solemnly warned  party members and cadres.  For a long time, some place in the teahouse, mahjong, song and dance  entertainment blossom everywhere, even to gambling, pornography and other  illegal industry, worrying.
Dongguan porns significance of major, not only lies in the maintenance of  social order, the mor  e is the health of the economy transformation and social fashion of reverse.  Which, in fact, that is, some cadres, some people reaction caused by excessive  WanFeng extreme results. And remove excessive WanFeng, or for the cabal of  officialdom a serious warning, small gangs, small circle, some officials as a  link, formed a variety of interests league, against the party discipline and  regulations, obstruct the reform, development and stability, harm is quite  large.
Some party members and cadres WanFeng excessive, in addition to the ideal  faith a nd the  pursuit of the physical life, is to play to make relations, business circle, the  purpose of constantly to seek seat, seek personal gain. In deepening the mass  line in the process of education practice, how to make a close ties with the  masses, improve the cadre style norm, how to really change the excessive WanFeng  some party members and cadres, how to lead the good prevailing custom of  society, how to promote the work of innovation and development, is worthy of  attention, and the revelation from the central eight, strictly enforced with  punishment, is an important means of solving the ban is effective. More  fundamental strategy, of course, is to establish a effective system, focus on  change can not play, does not play the rules. The development of a city, a city  civilization, a fresh air wind is cadres, should of course be reading, should be  the leading culture, should be  everybody clerkstarts, everybody should be innovative progress. And is not to  play the wind, enjoyment, and even down the wind.
Chang DE city place regulation play maladies in an important position, is  worth looking forward to! Place to save the property market is the important  yardstick for testing the mass line? Recently, nanning, wuxi, hangzhou xiaoshan  district is restricted by loosening, cut join a standard way to rescue, shore  and tianjin the latest trends of the [abstract] the sea area, fuzhou, zhengzhou  official has signaled that a proposed classification, points to adjust housing  policy. (Fake Gucci Belt For times May 05, 2014) house prices haven't how to  fall, the local government than we are in a hurry. One more in the country are  the developer of the project to the huaxia times reporter, local governments  rely on land finance of inertia is very difficult to change, as long as know  this, you know that the government will intervene to save.
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