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PostSubject: The nail house pushed up   Wed Aug 27, 2014 4:56 am The nail house pushed up house prices? According to jose committee member, the achievement of high housing prices have nail house, a nail house can lead to excessive compensation, second nail house will cause the extended time limit, this will increase the cost of building development, will eventually fall to home buyers. In the house price cost on this issue, the author naturally without real estate developers have a say, but is known to all, the real estate development profits is very big, all kinds of rich list published in recent years, real estate developers not only large amount, and quality is high, often in the top; In contrast, nail house is not, so that every time there will be news. So in my opinion, stubborn is will increase the cost of building development, but its effect in pushing up housing prices is limited. In addition the author thought that jose commissioner said in nail house pushed up house prices, best can provide a list of their estate development costs. In people are out of breath high prices of the context of reality, real estate development cost is not public, real estate developer, I'm afraid I can never get rid of a rat crossing the street. member not government officials, CPPCC delegates from the real estate industry itself is in the interests of the group to express their views and interests, the author think that there is no can't, at this point to the back of his head is their duty, this just is the embodiment of the democratic politics. Just jose members of expression - nail house for his personal interests, harm the interests of most people, including developers, makes it sound a little, there was an obvious kidnapping of public opinion. And this kind of discourse are not isolated cases, shelling labor contract law has the richest member zhang, think the non-fixed term labor contract terms such as to cause a decline in employment, the low cultural level and technical content is not high impact a larger crowd. Two sessions are free to express an opinion, proposal or various interest groups view platform, it's natural speaking for the rich, the rich but don't kidnap public opinion. The opinions of the less wealthy replica versace belt, does not mean that the rich is not respected.
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