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PostSubject: About is due to the   Wed Aug 27, 2014 4:54 am If I were be incorporated into SiGai male village owner, I think the roads are out of the window SiGai influenced me quiet authority, and therefore requires the corresponding compensation, the government is willing to sit down with me face to face talk about conditions? The indications are that kunming has launched SiGai male is a severe test of the government administration according to law, especially to alert the government administrative behavior beyond the law. In a place without limit government power, protect private property is meaningless, both legal and will become a dead letter. In addition, SiGai is far from the management policy of city traffic congestion, schools, hospitals, supermarkets and other public resources for reasonable layout, to reduce the residents into the main road of rigid demand, to develop the public transportation, advocate green travel concept in the citizens, are better than SiGai public option. Indeed, they may not be SiGai this dose of medicine to come quick, but can maximize the maintenance of citizens' personal rights, and therefore more fair, more long-term effectiveness. Therefore, it is an efficiency and fair choice, SiGai male efficiency is undoubtedly a priority, and we have become increasingly aware of the importance of fair today, it is also a harmonious society, the concept of scientific development. About is due to the cold winter, cheap versace belt is experiencing a housing market, the author found that real estate developers appear more active on this year's two sessions, some place is very cold so lonesome. CPPCC, the opening on the eve of the blessing of the CPPCC national committee, the new estate chairman peng phosphorus in hotel repeatedly when accepting a reporter to interview the stability of guangzhou property market, saying, if you don't have to buy a house, hurry to buy, now is a good price. In replica versace belt people's political consultative conference on March 4, group discussions, a versace belt real estate company boss MuQiRu appears once more: nail house also caused the price rises, the developers are as high housing prices the culprit and rats is not equal. Peng base members hurry to buy a house by netizens questioned platform for real estate advertising is the use of the two sessions, MuQiRu commissioner's theory of nail house pushed up house prices come out, after but also attract the plank brick. Jose member's remark is easy to let a person remember the end of last year real estate developers feng lun published theory of unmarried female youth pushed up house prices, many people think that the developers find a scapegoat for high prices, some argue that this is a typical decision to the back of his head, standing in the opposite of the people, not in conformity with the identity of the CPPCC.
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About is due to the
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