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PostSubject: Your own logo   Wed Aug 27, 2014 4:53 am

People can hardly hope to one day live in a house that belongs to oneself completely, more can't imagine the land and the land of appendages (including path) what will happen with their rights. Reform and opening up 30 years ago, everything happened in imperceptible in qualitative change. Almost all national, more or less have some private property, and we can spend many years hard work of their hard-earned money to purchase their own, has nothing to do with the public commodity house, at the same time, our society and every citizen is gradually understand a truth: as long as it is our own things, even if it's a hut, and wind and rain can enter, the king could not enter.

Your own logo, is the ownership. In accordance with the provisions of property law the seventy-third, roads, green space within the building area and other public places, common facilities and buildings for property management services, be co-owned by the owners.

That suggests that village road belongs to the category of private property is inviolable, well protected by law. And village roads SiGai male, means that the village roads since then no longer owned by the owners, tantamount to deprive the owner's legal rights. Implement SiGai male is to reduce traffic congestion in kunming urban area, there are ten thousand reasons to see it as a benefit to the public interests of all citizens, but seek not to infringe on their citizen's personal public interests at the expense of a legal right. In accordance with the provisions of property law article 42, in order to meet the demands of public interests, the limits of their authority as prescribed by law and the procedure can impose of collectively-owned land, unit and individual housing and other real estate.

That is to say, if it is out of the need of public interests, village road SiGai not can not, but it is the premise of law according to the statutory power limit and procedures. And we have seen, in SiGai package and start the process, the permissions vague and also serious lack. We don't see the package as a draft before broadcast and consulting widely public feedback, also did not see such a plan of quite a number of public interests held any form of hearing. Property law regulation can levy, can is not compulsory, if citizens generally oppose especially relevant units, owners of the community, cannot enforce SiGai male. Property law also stipulates that a unit and individual houses and other real estate, should be compensated for in accordance with the law, safeguard the lawful rights and interests of the expropriated.
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