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PostSubject: a kind of alloy   Sun Nov 01, 2015 5:23 am

Hereafter have what matter, must tell me immediately, because I am your son! Speaking of Mulberry Bag four great inventions, all know are papermaking, compass, printing, gunpowder, it is generally believed that papermaking is the western han dynasty in Designer Belts by the great scientist was invented by CAI lun. But for gunpowder, invented when, are different in history, the main theory is that the northern song dynasty, because of the northern song dynasty period of the war began to use the gun.
The author reading history today, however, surprised to find that for gunpowder should arise during the period of the tang dynasty. In fact, the discovery of gunpowder has close relationship with Taoist. We know that the Taoist is one of the biggest characteristics is an alchemist, say what Dan medicine ate can live forever, gunpowder because monks accidentally discovered when an alchemist. It's produce, after a long time. As far back as the warring states qin and han dynasties, the emperors want to immortality, so there will be some people their mood, can claim to be tried out drug of immortality. These so-called an alchemist in mountains picking flowers and plants, stone, gold smelting in remote ancient hole, make longer crude drugs.
Due to the bold exploration of these people, often in the process of blast inventions and found the new material. This on one of the so-called alchemy. Alchemy is divided into two kinds: one kind is refined fairy medicine, another kind is refined gold and silver. Fairy medicine natural failure, because the so-called fairy medicine such as ganoderma lucidum and big jujube, after ate not what bad role, but can also become a fairy, fairy of qin shi huang sent abroad, this is the fairy medicine, natural without success.
The emperor also found god, there is a named li shaojun said to him, to immortality, first to pious sacrifice to the kitchen god, the second is using cinnabar refining into gold, and made with gold tableware, eat with the tableware can be immortal, forever. This is the background of the Fake Designer Belts alchemy. Alchemy to sui end early stage, it is said that a, an, in the taihang mountains into big Dan. His students ChengBi because their father was dead to do the funeral home, the teacher gave him ten elixir, saying a grain Dan is ten catties red copper into gold.
ChengBi after into the funeral home, killed his master, his master all the elixir stolen, then make gold, became a millionaire. Emperor taizong heard it, and immediately get ChengBi, let him gold smelting, is said to have tried a lot. Of course, these gold is not real gold, but a kind of alloy. Commonly used by an alchemist cinnabar, are the main pigments in ancient. The cinnabar can produce mercury, mercury and silver beads. Other pigments such as ocher, Ceng Qing, green, green stone, gambogic, etc., are also appeared in the course of an alchemist by-products. Gunpowder is one of the byproducts of an alchemist.
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