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PostSubject: stined to Confucius   Thu Oct 22, 2015 5:00 am

The first question is zhao married? As a Fake Mulberry Bag, have a tradition is broken, rare is that must first be married to have children, Mulberry Bags as a famous person, more will pay attention to the Fake Mulberry Bag tradition, now, Mulberry Bags has been pregnant, it must have got married before pregnancy. But the media has never been reported Mulberry Bags already married, Mulberry Bags has never said that he had married. Don't Mulberry Bagsgan gen is the first Fake Mulberry Bag unmarried pregnancy? The second problem is that if the Mulberry Bags already married, who is the object.
Mulberry Bags as a public figure, should be with her man was exposed by the media, but in addition to wang liqin, found no other man had an affair with her, but wang liqin and Mulberry Bags did not so one thing, if really that one thing, Mulberry Bags fetus, also can't go to Singapore and if they really get married, that is a good thing, in style love not worth avoiding. So, zhao's husband should be overseas person, not a Fake Mulberry Bag. Point of view, Mulberry Bags is also hidden marriage gens. The third problem is Mulberry Bags or Fake Mulberry Bag? Mulberry Bags to Singapore fetus that her child will be born in Singapore, if Mulberry Bags has not joined new Canadian, how could she go to Singapore fetus, also cannot let Mulberry Bags have children in Singapore, Singapore, Mulberry Bags is also out of the Fake Mulberry Bag, to join Singapore citizenship, became the foreigners. It seems. Mulberry Bag news story still has a lot of, to be media to mining, perhaps Mulberry Bags is the future for a period of time the media focus on the object. Some people say that Confucius was frustrated in life, lifetime;
Others said that Confucius' life is very satisfied, with three thousand men, fake mulberry bags seventy-two sages. Tintin think: these views are biased, can't complete summarized a life of Confucius, Confucius was a great man, and his life's ups and downs, both the glorious career, also has the life trough, the total sum up Confucius life, he replica mulberry handbags uk has three fall. A fall: life is hopeless, miserable childhood, youth of humiliation. Confucius came I into this world, because the relationship between the parents, destined to his miserable childhood. His father is a declining aristocracy, and my mother was born poor, and both parents are not formally marry, but those cases involving Confucius, so Confucius is an illegitimate child, such a life, also de stined to Confucius' life is gray's life.
Confucius can only follow their mother life, because of a poor family and was born, Confucius is looked down upon, of course, he spent his childhood in the adult's coldly, spent in the children's laugh. But Confucius is tough and no compromise to fate, he very early into the society, successively for grazing, keep the hay, the management granary and pasture, doing what money, as long as it can support life and his family, he even when the trumpeter of mourning. These experiences, for civilian, in fact, very normal, but for people of Confucius have great ambition, can say is a kind of humiliation. Until old age, he was to speak of these experiences, he was blushing, perhaps in his mind, these experiences for he had no shame.
Together: very eager self-study, founded by private, expand the influence, the overseas students to study, life first. Lifetime Confucius studious, and have deep insights to learning, but because he was born, at the time, he is not qualified for the school to study, but Confucius is not affected by fate, he chose to self-study, but also very studious, can realistically, at the age of 15, he side to make a living, teaching, learning, for help to the people around by the age of 20, young Confucius know-how, become a local man of great learning.
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