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 mulberry replica bag there are quite a few

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PostSubject: mulberry replica bag there are quite a few    Thu Oct 22, 2015 4:58 am

When rich girl become fans, they have the time to make track for a star anyway, he likes to go to with the stars of the where, because of their good condition, in the home is jiaojiao treasure, parents are afraid they tie up, say, like the star is no bad thing, to have to let them. Three is a rich girl have a plenty of money to make track for a star.
Rich girl called rich girl, of course, because of money, their parents tend to be rich. And make track for a star is need money, because male star concert here today, where a concert tomorrow, the general fan is not the capital, and rich girl but just with this condition, rich, especially the money doesn't matter to them, not the parents will naturally give. Four is to rich girl conditional male star. Rich girl if like a male star, will use all sorts of relationships and all sorts of opportunity to contact her favorite male star, they also have the condition, because they can take advantage of their parents' networks, look for a person to looking for a relationship to contact male star, naturally have the chance to contact the male star.
Media often expose some male stars and so-and-so beauty together photos, which should have the rich girl. Five is a rich girl to marry male star thinks very glorious. Star identity and status in society, to marry star thinks very glorious, especially the male stars have so many fans, and they can kill from the hordes, alone with stars, how proud, even hidden marriage are also willing to. And male star like to marry a rich girl often for the following four aspects.
One is by rich girl can improve their own status, in the increasingly competitive entertainment in an impregnable position in the market. Men tend to be rational animal, for the sake of the future, in order to market, he needs to make rational consideration, since have rich girl like him, why don't he use the rich woman's relationship and the family status to improve your price? Through relationships with rich woman, 2 it is to raise their exposure. Now, the entertainment world inconsistent record cloud, hand for the rain cover, competition is intense, a bit not careful, will be eliminated by the market. If there are and the relationship of rich because, in the media hype, can improve their exposure and visibility, especially rich girl behind the strong background, more can let him stay evergreen in the entertainment industry. 3 it is through the rich woman's money and she can earn more money fame and status. Ray lui body worth two billion media hype these days, what is the root cause?
Don't is his third marriage, also is not she married mainland rich girl xiao-juan Yang, through the rich woman money with his fame and status, the starting point of office business on people, earn money than other people naturally want to do, so that from debt to $two billion. Four is two aspects are to be, all the money. A few weeks ago, Mulberry Bags has been photographed wearing a household to take in Singapore baring, Chen rong, Mulberry Bag agent, told reporters at the time, Mulberry Bags has long is acting, earnestly builders of person, ignore all the rumors. Yesterday, however, mulberry replica bag there are quite a few insiders said that Mulberry Bags pregnancy is almost a circle the well-known secret, someone is sure to say more for 5 months. Perhaps to spuc, mulberry bayswater replica Mulberry Bags also citing personal reasons put off the upcoming film security. Mulberry Bags pregnancy has become a fact of life. Mulberry Bags if is pregnant, then stretched out at least three questions.
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mulberry replica bag there are quite a few
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