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PostSubject: the most typical   Fri Sep 11, 2015 6:32 am

A grain of mung beans, a garlic, ginger, are not staple food, nor the necessities of life, is the spice of life, just as the agricultural and sideline products, in the market, are nothing more than the market can be ignored, has never been aroused people's attention, however, in this year, why are these things people ignore suddenly sprung up, became the object of much attention? The author asked the relevant personnel and the market economic expert, appear to tease you play you malicious ginger garlic you army have roughly understanding. A hard-hit this year, the agricultural output is insufficient. Early last year and early this year, garlic production shandong province suffered a major natural disasters, is the production of garlic is affected by the serious; Coupled with this year's severe drought in southwest Replica Belts, for the growth of ginger is extremely can not, serious production; This year, and many other production areas are affected by different degree of disasters, caused the output of garlic and ginger is lower than usual, but this is only the surface of the problem of agricultural and sideline products, for the influence of the price is not very big, after all, the agricultural and sideline products, after all, is not the necessities of people's life is just a condiment. Secondly, some of the so-called experts to expand the effect of the agricultural and sideline products, caused such a huge increase in the amount of agricultural and sideline products. This year, the most typical example, the so-called solemnly expert zhang flow, enlarging the effect of green beans to acme, causing prices soared, a bean is hard to find, has caused chaos in the market. 3 it is under the government's high subsidies, farmers have become lazy. Here, the author is not to belittle the farmers, because the author is farmers was born, but now the farmers, didn't have the original so diligent, many land value has not been fully utilized, the most obvious example is tanabe, river bank no crops, and even double season rice became the quarterly rice, tanabe, river bank deserted. I often to the countryside, found a special abnormal phenomenon, many farmers like city dwellers, go to the market to buy Replica Fendi Belt vegetables every day, every farm has a vegetable plot production, but they let the wasted the reservation, so, 800 million farmers to join the army to buy vegetables, agricultural and sideline products prices don't rise. Also, now a trench hardening, lets the loach, eel lost life environment, so, loach, eel, prices will become inevitable.
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