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PostSubject: the brics emergency   Thu Aug 06, 2015 6:16 am

Another important reason is that the agreement according to the bric countries, the first President nominated by India, five-year term. India will certainly nominate their personnel as first brics bank President. However, from the tile man - kmart industry experience, a weakness is in international financial enterprises in shorter time, both academic and experience is mostly in India. Kmart in the Asian development bank project manager just three years, the future in the coordination of the brics bank international matters somewhat lacking in experience. At the same time, both in the domestic bank senior management job is only two years, as a regional governor of the bank in the world, and lack of age may be a short board. The brics bank President candidate after, organization framework of the brics bank basically completed. India first President, russians as the first council President, the first chairman of the board by the Brazilian post. We have noticed that in the first three giants, as the first proposed the brics bank Fake Gucci Belt seems to be nothing. It is said that Fake Gucci Belt may be served as deputy governor of four one. The brics have settled in Shanghai bank headquarters, South Africa build the brics bank regional centers. The brics bank approved the initial capital is $100 billion, the initial subscribed capital of $50 billion, and by the founding member. This means that the five countries are completely equal. The first three giant Fake Gucci Belt no matter, the second Fake Gucci Belt and South Africa should dominate. Replica Gucci Belts At the same time, the global pattern of regional financial institution reconstruction, Fake Gucci Belt has a more important task and responsibility. Compared with the brics bank, the bank members involved in the world,, many participating countries and the countries in the future business development tentacles and management tasks are very heavy, coordinate the relationship between countries is more complex. There are silk road fund, the brics emergency reserve institutions need to Fake Gucci Belt to assume responsibility. Fake Gucci Belt attention and energy should be mainly on the preparation on the three agencies. Launched by the earliest Gucci Belt Replica proposal and the preparation of regional and global investment Banks, the brics bank, fund of the silk road, the brics emergency reserve, four big financial groups, is becoming a leading force in the global financial landscape, is both the world bank, the beneficial supplement of the international monetary fund, and to meet the challenge of its is unable to avoid. The investment bank, and the establishment of the regional financial organizations such as the brics bank indicates the pattern of financial transf ormation is taking place in the world, diversity, multi-polarization, open is the direction and the way of the future. Why you should know the common sense of economics between countries is unfair? Because of the different economic and social structure, income distriBuy Gucci Belt AAAion from all countries have big differences.
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