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 very anxious

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PostSubject: very anxious    Wed Jun 10, 2015 5:01 am

Now that will rescue, why should reduce the price? Carry a will in the past. The developers say. Hangzhou a enterprise, top, also said the loosening expectations for purchasing, to some extent disrupted the company originally wanted to price in the amount of the rhythm. Centaline property market research department director publicizes great think, now the developers prices there are three main reasons, first is tight credit, followed by inventory pressure, three is expected. This year, the credit is the most critical factors, even if full liberalisation is restricted, if still tightening credit, the market will still be cool.
It should be said that this time the property market reaction is the result of market regulation. But just as the developers, developers have not special try so hard, the local government has been hurry up. This situation, illustrates a truly already confirm a lot of problems, that is: high prices are up of local government, are some of local government officials to lift, not their contribution, as a developer, how much energy is impossible. Why in the face of the housing market, the local government than developers impatient? Really surprising, unspeakable, it seems, developers are energy as great a big group, about to the politics of local government.
So, according to the general point of view, there are three main aspects: one is the local government finances kidnapped by land, house prices higher is the price and sell money; The second is the housing market have been kidnapped by corrupt, because of the cost of corruption, so prices are naturally a rising tide lifts all boats, over the years ninety percent lok ma corrupt officials involved in real estate is the proof; Part three is kidnapped by officials for the interests of their property, whether it is legal, or illegal, and part of the official number of real estate is amazing, and it is in a position of power, can affect the housing market. Elder sister, uncle, is often a room the yes, this is so.
Real estate is the important pillar of the national economy, of course, is also involved in construction, cement, chemical and other related industries, is extremely important. But there are two concepts that must be clear: one is the industry, no matter how important, can't is profiteering and bubbles, even so naked plunder. Second, in terms of housing market regulation and save, why the local government towards the high house prices? Why local governments prefer developers? This kind of one-sided type of government intervention, don't say the market economy? Don't say it's decided by market? Don't say it's fair and reasonable legal? Why at the time of soaring house prices, ordinary people can't afford to buy a house, why clearly know that high prices bubble risk, but not out of local government bailout?
At present, it is the second batch of education practice to carry out the mass line, how to do everything for the masses, all rely on the masses, from the crowd, to the masses, some of our local government leaders not to boast, flapping, to play virtual, can genuinely close to the body of the people, to understand their difficulties and bitterness, over the years that high prices have been not solved, is already boiling, developers are slightly nervous, house prices are just beginning to have a little loose, as the impending, very anxious to coax to jump out to, the mass line is this? Let the market decide, let the masses get affordable, don't cheat people, there what prices plunge, it's not good for people.
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very anxious
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