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PostSubject: real estate    Mon Jun 08, 2015 5:58 am

Yesterday, the gucci belt news reporter telephone interview gucci belt he said the leadership of the report is nonsense, he did not give families Su Rong strings, no retaliation against an KuangGuangRong, kuang been detained during the ganzhou city commission for discipline inspection in accordance with the procedures for the handling, I personally have no intervention. At present the case is still in the trial. See this plot, couldn't help thinking of previously reported Su Rong wife and an important official ndash; ndash; Zhou. In July 2011, the jiangxi provincial inspection group to patrol, xinyu talk with team members, leading cadres and clean. Then xinyu of zhou, director of the NPC standing committee to the inspection group reflects the jiangxi provincial party committee secretary Su Rong wife meddling in the old campus land at colleges, causes the corruption of the country's loss of nearly 1 billion yuan. On January 4, 2012, the commission for discipline inspection in jiangxi province, zhou was under detained, and xinyu YuShui district people's procuratorate on suspicion of use influence on corruption charges of Zhou Dehao initiate an investigation, and criminal detention. Whether the county party committee secretary, or, director of the National People's Congress, should still Su Rong administration of grassroots job-seekers, and it is in before, during and after the Su Rong lok ma report are both Su Rong families, how does the truth here? And expose the darkness?
And would dig out what unknown things? Such as the secretary of the report referred to in the ganzhou city main leaders, and who? In this report may be rare earth trading, whether does he mean? Are there any intervention about kuang's case? These can be open, and it is worthy of attention.
First of all, the corruption of the areas must focus on profits. Such as mineral resources, land sales, real estate development and other fields. From the current report, mainly concentrated in two aspects of rare earth, land, this is all there is a huge profits.
so to speak, no matter in which field, as long as there is a windfall, there must be corruption, there must be official. Second, some officials relatives intervention or meddling in the economy has become the norm. Gain either directly, or through the irregularities in the name of the business, and are more common, how to effectively regulate the behavior of economic officials relatives, need to be strictly stipulated legally. Again, the anti-corruption struggle there are likely to be corrupt. If the above officials were investigated retaliation, especially there is torture, that is essentially a kind of corruption, not only harm the image of the anti-corruption work and trust, it would undermine the image of the justice and authority.
Finally, also suggests that the current officialdom struggle is relatively complex, especially when many officials has been infiltrated by corruption, it is often difficult to escape, I'm afraid is facing a great crisis. Someone said, in accordance with relevant provisions of the existing commission for discipline inspection, there are still a few officials is completely clean, there are a few officials is equivalent to that of a thorough investigation, even so is a former secretary of changsha university.
It is such a situation, often can give selective anti-corruption by chance, to the officialdom struggle to occasions, more to the leadership of corruption to unscrupulous, this also is a kind of means of statecraft. Even if the last week and there is t he possibility of retaliation, kuang's case also is unable to show its completely innocent. In a spread of corruption in the officialdom environment, a few do certain status, to be completely clean and clean, also is a quite difficult thing. Why over half of the public officials property pilot termination?
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