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 on the cans

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PostSubject: on the cans    Mon Jun 08, 2015 5:55 am

Such selective processing is going on, have something in common? It should be  said, is a national television station, gucci belt replica as a mainstream  position of authority, in the aspect of the rule of law consciousness should be  stronger, also should be very careful.
Exposure, displayed, it is a shame that the enforcement of the law, not only  for personal humiliation, or humiliation of the rule of law and civilization. In  today's society under the rule of law progress, should be corrected. But such  exposure, displayed, not only existing in the judicial practice in some places,  but also have been in the media.  Is such a shame of exposure and displayed, but different. From the point of the  processing of gucci belt replica, there are two kinds of people enjoy a Mosaic  of special treatment, is a Hong Kong star, there is also a screenwriter  director.
No playing Mosaic exposure, the staff is more special: on the one hand there  is a special character, on the other hand is not much impact. Such as xue  barbarian is network big V, is designed not only in prostitution itself. Such as  guo, shuffle network in nearly three years, a great influence on  the cans be imagined. And people are such as hi tiger, zhang mo mainland  second-rate star, I'm afraid is dismissive. The upcoming fourth plenary session,  the core issue is to discuss the rule of law.
Without judgment, according to the relevant provisions of the criminal law  can not guilty, sure anyone involved in the legal sense of the dignity and  rights should be protected. Privacy of public figures have smaller than ordinary  people to a certain extent, but no means no, to avoid preconceptions, influence  of justice or public opinion, should be on Mosaic, or try not to show up. In big  step towards the process of governing the country according to law, must grasp  the relationship between the supervision by public opinion and public opinion  trial, whether judicial or public opinion, the spirit of the rule of law and  justice, at the end of every show to each small case, each specific character,  don't waving the big stick of trial. As a result, the rule of law, the rule of  law spirit, also please start from the authority of the us media, starts from  each detail, make a very good example to the whole society. The original report  of county Su Rong families debunk what darkness?
Ganzhou city of jiangxi  anyuan county former party secretary gucci belt is accused of taking bribes and  abuse of power case in ganzhou in jiangxi p  rovince intermediate people's court. gucci belt in court denied bribery and  abuse of power, said he was astonished torture, forced to fabricate bribery  plot. (gucci belt, August 15, 2014) gucci belt report Su Rong former vice  chairman of the gucci belt replica national committee's family in court alleged  by meddling in the main leaders of ganzhou city anyuan county mine, because of  the desires are not met, gucci belt hit retaliation.
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on the cans
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